Diagnosis with precision

We aim to provide our patients and clients with the latest diagnostic technology concerning the adaptive creation and fitment of orthotic and prosthetic devices.

With our care, you get more.


Complete line of five international leaders in pre-manufactured braces/orthotics. Manufacturing of Callipers (Functional and Cosmetic) Fracture Braces Pneumatic devices, walkers and corrective braces.


What can they do for you? Top para-Olympic athletes have made use of Jacques Terry Orthotics and Prosthetic Services for their prosthetic requirements. Imagine what we can do for you?

Wound Care

Complicated wounds, especially those managed poorly, can develop into chronic wounds. Wound treatment should tailor to patient needs to promote healthy healing and avoid problems.

Mobility products

We provide a comprehensive selection of high-quality mobility and independence products covering different consumer lifestyle requirements and preferences.

Home Nursing Devices

Back surgery? Hernia repair? Have you consulted with your orthopaedic surgeon about receiving the postoperative care that suits your needs?


We provide a large assortment of diabetic footwear that follows current trends and gives you a fashionable look while controlling your diabetes.

Breast Form and Lingerie

Our creative team has to combine several factors into one harmonious whole: Colors and patterns, lace and embroidery, bands and edging.

Medico Legal

Our objective at Jacques Terry Medical Orthotic and Prosthetic Services is to provide accurate and concise assessments.

Compression socks/stockings

Compression Therapy applies pressure to your legs and ankles that stimulates blood flow circulation from your legs to your heart.

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