Privacy Policy Notice


Jacques Terry Orthotic and Prosthetic Services is a sole practitioner in the field of Orthotics and Prosthetics. The facility holds registered health care professional/s under the Health Professions Act 1974 and the Nursing Act, 2005. This facility collects Personal Information from various Patients for varying purposes, but mainly from patients, e.g., for patient treatment, submission of claims to medical schemes, etcetera. Jacques Terry Orthotic and Prosthetic services must comply under the Act’s provisions and the facility’s Protection of Personal Information policy in conjunction with the Promotion of Access to Information Act (POPI Act) and other relevant legislation.


The practice relies on the information the patient provides to treat and care for said patient effectively. The Responsible Party (practice employees) must, during any activity relating to the processing of personal information, ensure processing and collection of Personal Information, following the practice policy and the POPI Act.

  • Jacques Terry Orthotic and Prosthetic Services will use all personal information provided by the patient for medical, insurance and reimbursement purposes. Mandatory information will be distinguishable from voluntary personal information on the patient form.
  • Personal information may be discussed with the Medical Practitioner during his consultation, including the reason for visitation, medical history, prognosis, diagnosis, and recommended treatment.
  • Jacques Terry Orthotic and Prosthetic Services use all information acquired to facilitate communication, treatment, and remuneration for products and or services rendered.
  • Personal information may be communicated between third parties, such as medical aid schemes, during the processing and administration of a claim on behalf of the patient and given the restrictions placed within the Medical Schemes Act.
  • Jacques Terry Orthotic and Prosthetic Services will use confidentiality and discretion during the ordering and procurement of products, devices, or accessories.
  • The facility is allowed to produce and hand over any patient indebted to the facility given the provisions provided in the National Credit Control Act.
  • Patients may request access, amendments and the deletion of Personal Information within their rights under the Protection of Personal Information Act.
  • Patients may opt out of marketing mailing list at any time or request not to be added.
    • Jacques Terry Orthotic and prosthetic services must process the information of children under 18 years of age subject to the terms of the Children’s Act, 2005, the HPCSA Ethical Rules and the Medicines and Related Substances Act,1965.
    • Jacques Terry Orthotic and prosthetic administrative staff process information within reasonable measures. The facility protects the confidentiality of adult and children dependents. However, the client should be as aware as the practice of the limitations of medical aid schemes prescribing under regulation 5 of the Medical Aid Schemes Act. The medical aid incorporates ICD10 (Diagnostic) codes on accounts and statements furnished by the medical aid to the primary member to process claims, motivations and administrative documentation of various kinds. The parties agree that some of the information required is sensitive and required for its intended purpose.
    • Complaints and queries should be lodged directly to reception or accounts (deputy information officers). Or responsible for logging, reporting, and processing said complaint and reporting it to the practice head (Information Officer).
    • Reception and Accounts will provide patients with the entire practice privacy policy upon request. They will be available to answer any questions the patients may have.
    • I, the patient or the responsible guardian in the case of the minor, consent to the conditions mentioned above, practices, and intentions in processing the Personal Information I provide.
    • I declare that all information provided is true, not misleading and accurate.
    • I acknowledge my responsibility and right to delete and amend any no longer accurate or correct information.
    • I consent to the processing and the sharing of information between the practice and the Practice management system, enabling the practice to communicate and claim from my Medical Aid Fund, this includes the use of ICD10 Codes during the processing of my claim.
    • In the event my Medical Aid does not pay, I will be liable for payment.
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